Li Xiaoliang is a very strange case in the entrepreneurs: he did not understand technology, this time before the start of the intelligent hardware products understanding is very limited. In the intelligent hardware industry Kobe Bryant Shoes frequently need to spend tens Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale of millions of money, Li Xiaoliang in the absence of investment situation has been supported to profit, with 500000 of funds and partners early self break successfully in the intelligent hardware business to fierce market competition. At the same time in the domestic most people don’t know much about Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale the Jordan Nubuck Men raise under the condition of continuous successful crowdfunding. Each a product created all realize sells, light is a motion tracker on the income of millions, intelligence scale sold tens of thousands, and successfully created the world’s first intelligent Cup Cuptime 7.30 in the first Jingdong. The no money no technology entrepreneurs how to do all this? The southern seven interview Nike Air Max Womens Mai Kai Li Xiaoliang, those stories and he together to talk about the intelligent hardware Entrepreneur: I and Jimmy open team growing experience: I Air Jordan Shoes Womens in the university study is legal, but in fact I know oneself later will not go the way of law. I wMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Red Black Whiteas very active in the University, like organizing activities, to participate in various youth organizations, poster design, by the way also learn some Webpage programming and skills. At the time I try to start a business, do a pager like business in the University, the effect of good. after graduation from University, I entered the beautiful air conditioning, do is sales and channel management aspects of the work, 4 years later in the United States did, in 2007 began to set foot in the business, do home appliances category sales in Taobao, we could do the national appliance shop ranked, but electric home profit more and more Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale thin slowly. We started to make a transition to TP Note: Amoy TaoBao Partner that Taobao partners, is to join Taobao Blake Griffin Shoes partners plan to all kinds of outsourcing service provider, help Toshiba, Sanyo brands do network marketing outsourcing. Although earned some money, but we do is generation of operation, it is like a surrogate, whether to do much good, others are children at home, so we especially want to do their own products. The earliest our team including the earliest I only three people, another to do sales, there is a technology to do, little knowledge of the intelligent hardware, we don’t even know what a product to do first appearance design to do the structure design, and then do the mold process is not know. But our team to overcome various difficulties, and gradually explore, integrate various resources, successively in the intelligent hardware field produced a motion tracker, lemon intelligent weighing machine, Cuptime intelligent cup, are also good. Lemon Glow in the Dark Jordan Men intelligent weight raised successfully in the roll call of all, raised 151491 yuan. Cuptime last year in the roll call successful crowdfunding nearly 1400000. our products include motion tracker and intelligence scale long ranked first Jingdong sell similar products, Cuptime is the world’s first intelligent cup because, without any reference to the template, fully explore their own. It

around the O2O new phase of the war atmosphere, even refused to vote down the line the beauty group also changed the game. from the beginning of August, beautiful round net ads have appeared on Hunan TV, bus, subway station and each big city buildings. A yuan of the movies, 1 yuan to eat KFC is this round of advertising content, taxi application like before, beautiful group began to Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale use money to snatch customers. and before May, beauty group began to Nike Air Max Womens test the water main is below the line advertising, and traditional advertising channels, this is beautiful round net the first time in 3 Kobe Bryant Shoes years, advertising, business is also Wang Xing for the first time in 10 years. the first half of 2011, shake handshandle net crazy Glow in the Dark Jordan Men expansion, Wo Wo Group in financing, bus, subway, elevator between each big city filled with advertising. At that time, in the face of that of the whole industry excitement, Wang Xing resist pressure decided not to cast advertisement, firmly seize the cash flow decision. at the end of 2013, Wang in an interview also still believe, poineering failure has two kinds, one is the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale money spentMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Grey Yellow Blue Red, the other is a no confidence, confidence can be self realization, or have enough money to spend when in need of money. do not Air Jordan Shoes Womens cast advertising decision beauty group at the time of tragic thousand regiment war eventually won, and it has also become beautiful round a body distinct tags, now, Wang Xing change the gameplay, re layout ground advertising, just half of the time, Wang Xingbian? while driving change The change of thought of Wang Xing’s is explicitly as a corporate strategy is proposed in July of this year’s reunion in beautiful meeting. before the United States delegation millet plus rifles to play, but now has entered the era of aircraft artillery. Wang Xing admits, placed in front of us regiment competition pattern has changed completely. in February this year, beauty group vice president Yang Jun in microblog published market share data beauty group net throughout 2013, group purchase industry Li, beauty group market share rose from 2013 at the beginning of the year 33.4% to 2013 December 52.4%. For a company, a market Blake Griffin Shoes share of more than half is a key node, which means that it has become a dominant force in the industry. the next six months, Jordan Nubuck Men this figure rose again. According to Analysys seminar on market O2O Chinese life service report 2014 data, in 2014 the beauty group accounted for the overall group purchase market share 56%, beautiful round net in the group purchase industry more solid market position. beauty group need further Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale stable market share, from 50% to 60% or even 70%, but this need to be taken with the previous different way. The main way of previously beauty group gets the user is online, but with the acquisition of shares Baidu glutinous rice, the masses comments, from Baidu and Tencent flow to beautiful group is come very naturally to tighten things. Another change at the beginning of this year the local areas of life that a few comments on the acquisition of shares in, bring

the main education faces is what? What are the parents biased way of education? The primary and middle school students’ love to choose Air Jordan Shoes Womens which way of learning In August 26th, by the good future Education Research Institute commissioned the group to assist in the investigation report, the majority of parents and students to participate in research of education in primary and middle schools in the domestic study situation officially announced. Investigation shows, in a new generation of students and parents heart, achievement is no longer the only evaluation criteria, but pay more attention to the cultivation of Glow in the Dark Jordan Men ability and quality. With the application of increasingly younger age, the popularity of online education will provide more possible for students personalized education. nearly half of the students to try online education the survey samples collected from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other 29 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, selected group of students mainly for Jordan Nubuck Men primary and secondary school students, one middle school student in the Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale proportion accounted for 77%; the parents in the population, the percentage of parents of children aged 712 is 5%, 1318 years old accounted for 22% of the parents of the students. Investigation shows, six percent of parents think the education of primary and middle schools existing do not maximize the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale expertise of students; 7Mens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Lihgt Grey Yellow7% of parents thought, the main problems existed in primary and middle school education Kobe Bryant Shoes is to score as the evaluation standard, Nike Air Max Womens it is difficult to cultivate children’s active learning and innovation ability. For the purpose of learning, a new generation of students will no longer be admitted to university, I can have a good job in the first place, more and more people believe that learning objective is to improve personal ability. on the change of the cognition of education affects the parents and students to learn the way choice. Parents began to send more emphasis on personalized education and game learning, no longer confined to the traditional focuses on the traditional knowledge teaching. and the students using the PC end of the online learning is still the mainstream, the students choose the reason of online learning are: learning time and place more freedom, optional content more, can choose their own like teachers according to their own needs, arrange the learning progress, relative to the line below the award form, low cost. three high education for breakthrough pain Indicates that the survey, personalized learning effect is poor, high quality education resources distribution is uneven, the existing knowledge methods failed to meet the practical needs, has become an urgent need to address the education of three point pain. Both parents and students are eager to change the existing mode Blake Griffin Shoes of learning, using advanced technology, to further enhance the experience and effect of learning. In a learning mode, into more than 7 students wish to interview the organic combination of Science Internet and line, which based on the traditional facetoface, with the use of science and technology of product service learning mode. this a just and good future education positioning agree without prior without previous consultation. A year ago, the good future by learn and think renamed Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale positioning, established to promote the education progress with science and technology and the Internet, in the name of a year, its seven sub brand joint force, through popularization of science and technology and the humanities reform action

third party payment market scale is huge, but profitability has been plagued by each enterprise within the industry, lakala also except. Cara Cara source of income is charged to a bank or a user’s transaction fees, two are from the convenience store franchise fee, Nike Air Max Women commercial pattern is simple and clear, Nike Flex Experience RN in accordance with the account to count, as long as the certain scale, there will be a huge Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale profit. However, before , the huge losses caused by the expansion of not yet filled savage; now, the mobile Internet spring tide, the financial giants as strategy to attack, Micro message payment, pay treasure to virtual payment, and to rely on hardware lakala crowded into Nike Max 90 Current Moire a corner. The lack of ecological support, lack of application scene; then look to finalize the individual users, spent money on CCTV, also did not see the water, let not usher in good today into the strategy of selling the disillusionment of dilemma. In the situation of Kara will be how Glow in the Dark Jordan Men to choose? betting community in Silicon Valley, the template Square equally serious losses, in May of this year closed has been sMens Nike Air Presto High Top Grey Light Bluepeculation the Nike Free Run 3 wallet application Square Wallet. has this mobile payment is known as the star company moves frequently, is trying a new commercial kernel. square in July, nearly a billion dollars to buy online ordering website Caviar which involved in O2O; then for small and mediumsized businesses and launched the online booking management tool SquareAppointments, Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale a let customers whenever and wherever possible make an appointment service platform. This service can be used as plugins easily embedded into your Webpage, businesses need on the platform to create their own can be booking service of list, so as to build a service life of electric business platform. in the domestic, younger lakala also have new move. Recently a lot of places all show a marked lakala car bus as a community business hall, Kara into the community is electric business pioneer army. Channel advantage lakala community business hall will be the integration of selling all products and service advantages and huge, provide a full range of community business and community financial services for the partners and the community residents user. According to La Cara staff revealed, community business hall will become lakala show experience store retail and financial services in the future change. as a strategic support products: Kara shop treasure, has been at the end of last year began laying the national community business. At present, the use of shop treasure store outlets has reached 50000, the plan before the end of the year will increase Lebron James Shoes about 100000 community shops stagnation. Each shop treasure terminal price of about 5000 yuan, the owner bought the terminal after, do not need to return to run to LA cara. For example, every user on selling the mall on the successful place an order of a commodity, the owner can obtain the selling 10 yuan each of the rebate, the successful sale of a movie ticket Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale or ticket, can obtain 5 yuan each of the rebate, and never need to rebate to LA cara. incision on?

Background: event 214 since September, in the money market fund yields hovering around 4%5%, baby products less attractive, Ali, and other giants have opened up the Internet financial new battlefield, including bills, repurchase agreement, Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale real income category fund and other financial products have been pushed out. recently, China Merchants Bank and Jingdong financial cooperation launched a period of Nike Flex Experience RN 32 days, is expected to 5.8% annualized rate of return of bank financial products, the purchase threshold is 50000 yuan, while the single pen buy amount to a maximum of 500000 yuan. This kind of financial products called China Merchants Bank Nike Free Run 3 golden years 546 yuan financial plan, the product is guaranteed products, product risk level belongs to the lowest level regulation type. This is the first time to sell Internet giant bank financial products, following the fund, insurance, bank to join the ranks of network sales. Ai Rui on : China Merchants bank borrowing strength Internet platform, open the bank financial products to sell the new erMens Nike Air Presto High Top Navy Blue Blacka of Nike Air Max Women investment bank in the personal financial services have been innovative, continue to try and change the service mode and service concept. From the one card era, to golden sunflower era, and then to the account management era, we can see that China Merchants Bank personal financial service mode in constant change and innovation. And the Bank of China and the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Jingdong financial cooperation, reflects that. The evolution of personal financial service model China Merchants Bank The , China Merchants Bank jointly Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale launched the line Jingdong financial management Lebron James Shoes products, listed a day have been sold out, by the majority of users favor of the investors, that bank financing products by the majority of users of recognition and welcome, its reason mainly has the following several points: first, this product is guaranteed products, product risk rating supervision type belongs to the lowest level, the financial product compared to the Internet, bank financial product safety is more netizens recognized by the investors, so the investors more appealing to users; second, the product expected Nike Max 90 Current Moire annualized rate of return of 5.8%, income level higher than the same period in other child of financial products, the netizen investors value the products with higher rate of return, investment surge of passion; finally, the product is the first sale of bank financial products on the Internet platform, new way to buy attracted netizens investors eye, and transaction convenience, users can meet the demand for investment, so get the majority of Internet users favor of the investors. Ereli analysis: China Merchants Bank and Jingdong finance this cooperation, opening a bank financial products to sell the new era. Recently, the bank financial products Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale sales showed a number of double down trend, from investors left out in the cold, the reason lies in: first, bank financial

on the card game, recently made the hot two games, is undoubtedly the legend and hearthstone flame heroes, the latter made furnace mobile phone stone on the billboard, touch a lot of furnace stone game player nerve, even once triggered a slobber war between the game player. A iPad game to game player, can cause the dispute? Heroes VS flame furnace stone legend for the first time cross evaluation may be Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale able to let us find the answer. More importantly, such a cross evaluation, perhaps can let the game player who re recognize the two game, to stop the pointless argument. based cross evaluation system talks about the Heroes and flame Lebron James Shoes furnace stone legend picture, storyline and sound as the basic system of the game, have to mention the two become entangled in the development background. As another fine grinding out Blizzard after WOW, furnace stone Nike Air Max Women legend are more familiar with, the small team production development story, has always been people indulge in elaborating on. However, the flame is exceeding one’s expectations, Heroes original, part of the program and sound, in fact nearly half frMens Nike Air Presto High Top Brown Whiteom Blizzard hand, this is undoubtedly more to enhance their relationship to a new level. plot and occupation of plot, furnace Nike Max 90 Current Moire inheritance of the world of Nike Flex Experience RN Warcraft stone legend story, the heroes are all classic characters from wow, divided into nine Heroes game, respectively is the knight, mage, priest, hunter, warlock, warrior, shaman, druid and thieves, each hero has its own different hero skills. Flame heroes is different, it is based on the ancient Greek myth, from the beginning of Plo Michel J steal the god fire, the game in the occupation were guardian, night, tidal, combustion of the four ethnic groups, and between the four species also have their own characteristics: control, mage, warrior, assassin, treatment. from the story and the hero character set, furnace stone legend benefit from Warcraft Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale Super Hero Squad itself, have a more comprehensive and diversified choices, in the occupation attribute partition, and not much difference between the two. Both of the plot are quite ambitious, game world view Nike Free Run 3 shape are quite perfect, in the plot the two compared with the traditional cards are called for, rise above the common herd. graphics and sound Comparison of graphics and sound, can let a person similar to find two products a lot. The overall picture style, both are closer to the style of WOW, the difference is, design of flame heroes in the Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale copy of the outside scene is more delicate, transverse mode tiled picture, but also with a strong flavor of Chinese wind. However, the two in the copy card battle system, UI image, almost do not have too Glow in the Dark Jordan Men big difference, of course, as the fighting skill of two different effects, frame difference and comes out. Sound, legend adhering to the hearthstone sound design World of Warcraft, and torch

December 6th news, transformation in Internet base business finally clear. China Mobile president yesterday in an interview with Sohu IT said, China Mobile will according to the different situation to build specialized companies Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale own, not all in one basket. The China Company will be formally established next year, the other base business will according to the different situation with or separately established, not to consider the stock will launch the own brand for China Mobile, Li Yue explanation says, China Mobile next year in addition to launch its own brand mobile phone, will own brand Pad terminal products, and even some parts will be listed for sale. Li Yue also revealed, China Mobile is planning terminal brand new, will be launched next Nike Air Max Mens year. China Mobile base business fully professional company in transition section will be combined with China Mobile was a pioneer of base business, in the face of the Internet enterprise to the traditional telecom business impact, China Mobile in succession in the layout of Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale the nine Internet business base: is located in Sichuan Mobile Phone Music base, ShaMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Blue Blacknghai based mobile phone video base, located in the location service base, Liaoning base, located in Hunan Guangdong Internet base, located in Hangzhou, Jiangsu set up mobile phone reading base complex and 12580 base, located in Fujian, mobile phone animation base, located in the IOT base in Chongqing. with the advantage China Mobile base business formation, especially the case effect brought the rapid development of mobile phone music base. China Telecom and Chinese followed suit in the nationwide Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice distribution of the number of Internet business base. But in recent years, with the rapid growth of base operations at the same time also gradually exposed some shortcomings of Nike Air Foamposite Women the package, such as the approval of the over concentration of power, excessive dependence on KPI assessment caused false growth, as well as between the group and the company’s management. from the beginning of the end of 2011, the rapid development of the domestic intelligent terminal rapid popularization and the mobile Internet industry rapidly changing domestic industry status, it will further Blake Griffin Shoes the three most operators tepid base business into an awkward position. Nike Air Force Ones in the Air Jordan Shoes Mens face of development China Telecom first base business transformation, the Tianyi video, love games, Tianyi reading business has been declared the Independent Company operation. General manager of China Unicom China product innovation department Li Hongwu accepted an interview with IT last week, Sohu also said open and transformation will accelerate base business. China Mobile also from Li Yue as president, adjusted on the one Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale hand, traditional base business, on the other hand, to speed up the establishment of specialized companies. In November last year, the China Company was founded in Beijing, since then China Mobile has set up a financial company, international company, the company, which was regarded as the China Mobile to the pattern of vertical management professional in the industry. for China Mobile base business the next step before adjustment, industry reports,

8 month 20 days, 4 days short, Topic Reading ice challenge has exceeded 700000000, the micro public welfare platform for Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale the porcelain doll rare disease care center donations users more than 4000 people, total Nike Air Foamposite Women contributions to 1370000. From the business, entertainment and sports stars big brothers not only to wet, but also have in the microblog invite friends to. millet chairman Lei Jun is the first named China entrepreneurs, said Monday he is an Nike Air Max Mens investor Yuri invitation Air Jordan Shoes Mens to complete the challenge, and named Andy Lau, Terry Gou and. This charity relay on continuous also immediately in the microblog. Three big brothers are to complete the challenge on Tuesday, and continued to call on microblog. Andy Lau was named Jay Chou the afternoon on the network to publish the complete challenge video. Terry Gou finished the challenge is named after Lin Chiling. as of August 20th, there have been,, Liu Zuohu, Xu Xiaoping, Ji Shisan, Niu Wenwen, Wang Sicong and other prominent businessmen finished ice challenge. Michelle Ye, Zhang Ziyi, Li Bingbing, Eason Chan, Gloria Tang, Lee Hom, Xu Zheng, JJ Lin and other wellknowMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Navy Blue Whiten artists have also issued a challenge of video on microblog, and call attention to rare Blake Griffin Shoes disease, love as the porcelain doll. Julian Cheung also through microblog said, because there are desert, to get the ice has the certain difficulty, so will be the first to donate, and returned to Hongkong to complete the challenge. ALS patients’ Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale families, the famous Taiwan director Niu Chengze also issued a complete ice bucket to challenge their own video, and said in Nike Air Force Ones microblog: for gradually frozen people family, glad you noticed this rare disease. Hope this is not a lively Look through this activity, we have to care more about Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice the world constantly in the misery, cherish their own happiness! in a charity relay at the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale same time, star bosses also to the relevant public welfare projects donated. After Wang Sicong finished the challenge by micro public welfare donations 1000000 platform, become the largest single donation. Zhou Hongyi, Huang Xiaoming, Jane Zhang, also said it would donate to porcelain doll public welfare projects in the microblog. By the end of August 20th 15, micro public welfare platform has more than 4000 people to donate money to the porcelain doll rare disease care fund, a total of more than 1370000. Communication ability and star effect microblog strong, make public to the disease and other rare diseases has reached hitherto unknown degree. In August 20th 15, microblog on # ice challenge # topic reading quantity has reached 730000000, more than 800000 discussion. Porcelain doll Foundation staff Zhang Haoyu said to the media, August 18th porcelain doll rare disease care center administrative microblog new fans to 100 times the normal donors, both in the ice bucket challenge, also know this rare disease foundation active contributions, the effect of activity far exceeded expectations. in the ice bucket challenge nationwide upsurge, microblog once again demonstrated the unique

this August, many places on the earth off the Ice Challenge climax, not only allow more people to pay attention to the ALS groups of patients with rare diseases, this activity is also well Nike Air Foamposite Women reflected in the new media thinking. , public welfare activities can create new styles to tell you the truth, before has not seen in public welfare activities can be so busy so hi! Ice Challenge is short for ALS Ice Challenge ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, asked the participants on the network to publish their video content water poured all Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale over the body, and then the participants can ask other people to participate in this activity Note: ALS is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. , who have been invited or accept the challenge in 24 hours Jiao Bingshui, or choose to donate 100 dollars to fight lateral muscle atrophy sclerosis. The purpose is to let more people know is called Nike Air Max Mens the rare disease gradually frozen people, but Blake Griffin Shoes also to raise money to help the treatment purpose. the activity Air Jordan Shoes Mens from foreign to domestic, from all walks of life to participate actively in the activities to achieve the unusual, communication anMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Light Greend participation effect. At home, Liu Zuohu, Niu Wenwen, Xu Xiaoping, Robin Li, Luo Zhenyu, Zhang Ziyi,, Han Geng and a large number of people to actively Nike Air Force Ones participate in the. is a beat all, Ice Challenge activities also let activities from the celebrity among challenges, quickly extended to the media Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, CCTV and other small editors, government agencies microblog Xiaobian, traditional enterprise Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice COFCO etc. executives, grassroots between national love relay. More and more bystander to participants. two, microblog do social mobilization and relay Ice Challenge activities in addition to rules designed to create new styles, more important is to mobilize the whole people, event propagation and interaction of relay using new media platform. Among these, both the application and the short video work, once again reflects the comprehensive Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale effect of microblog, also embodies the basic thinking of new media. Development of microblog in Ice Challenge activities at least in four aspects: first launched their first, Challenger finished poured ice behavior, then the video to share microblog, and to challenge the other friends, to become the event of a Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale fire. second, netizen communication and Discussion on the first point about video, and constantly reminded by the challenger to respond, but the search for other new is the challenger, forming event dissemination and diffusion. third is a challenger, in response to microblog relay, or relay to meet the challenges in the microblog statement, either in the microblog statement donations. Of course, many participants is poured cold water, also made a donation. fourth, was the Challenger will to challenge and poured ice water process recorded, to share video website

to become a qualified marketing personnel is not a challenge Nike Air Max Womens for us, but to become a Jordan Nubuck Men successful marketing personnel may have difficulty now than Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale at any time in the past. recall marketing work in progress we present how to, you might say, a variety of popular marketing technique from the beginning like introduced me to you, and then Glow in the Dark Jordan Men launched various promotional figure showed blood surging, and now seems to various methods are not so effective immediately, is this why? Is my ability to Kobe Bryant Shoes drop, or consumers play fast and loose with actually, be honest, in this information era of full, as we have superhuman powers, and where Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale to find so many new things to meet their has been spoiled Yang Diao tastes of consumers. Infatuation marketing innovation on technology from the progress of science and technology, and the utility of naked flooding has also cannot meet all the demand, consumers began to struggle to deal with the various marketing gimmick, and even quite disgusted, or may end up far from the brand. will point Air Jordan Shoes Womens Xiaobian Yuan Shuai thinks, modern market environment, the key to thMens Nike Air Max 89 Green Grass Blacke success of marketing personnel is to cultivate themselves in accord with high perceptual and high touch ability to work, both have insight into trends and opportunities of sensitivity, both understand the subtle movements, well versed in all things and interpersonal ability, digging deep significance. specifically, marketers can from the following 4 aspects: to 1 to highlight the uniqueness of products, said good story is undoubtedly the uniqueness of products and to tell the story of the master, the success of Jobs tells us, the Blake Griffin Shoes consumer information over Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale load time, light is a function of promotional products is not enough, we must do our best to tell unique consumer products where, also speak the art to inform the way: don’t swing the argument to speak the truth, want to convince others, input of information, even convince yourself, to weave a fascinating story, the characteristics of the product you with ideas which seem irrelevant, into something new into the concern. This process requires marketers have sensitivity observed trends and insight into consumer psychology. 2 do not always be pokerfaced, learn to enjoyment of consumer too much evidence that laugh more, keep cheerful mood, playing games and a sense of humor, are of great benefit to health and work. Too serious and sometimes may make consumers feel your superior, not easy to close. In the emotional times, whether at work or home, consumers need to play. therefore, marketers must understand others feeling, familiar with people interact in subtle, know for yourself and others joy, let your marketing activities enjoyment of consumer, then the consumer will also love you. 3 in the process of brand marketing reach, to show human nature deep meaning of now consumers have been living in a material world is relatively abundant, they have not only to meet the basic needs, began to desire and pursuit of deeper: purpose in life, life meaning,