IT teahouse headline article entrepreneurs five home, one of the first destination is the hit the south wall type, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men meaning by various poineering story bewitch, just starting nothing ready, lose to lose everything after the occupation managers had to go back to the old. Issued immediately afterward Micro message netizens put forward, there are many do not hit the back wall. Indeed, in the past few years teahouse operation indeed encountered many such, at any time to venture to hang in the mouth, a failure, and patted the dust again, fail again do poineering work again, so back and forth, ultimately did not see big into. hit the south wall there is a way to prevent? tonight and one of the founders of A chat, tea Tertiary in urging him as soon as possible transfer direction, adapt to industry changes. The entrepreneur has been considered as a great success, taking the leading position in the field, each month also has a good income. But because of the change of the industry is very Nike Max 90 Current Moire fast, and then the original old routines to do, has been gradually declining. Little A felt himself to industry changes, awarWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Light Purple Fluorescencee of the need for some changes. However, the ingrained thinking formulary ultimately difficult to immediately change. Tea Tertiary in swing all the facts, tell all the truth, small A seem to comprehend, but still can’t jump out of the inherent thinking. Finally, tea tertiary had to say, this thing, only your own experience of recessions and change, can stimulate your determination to change, the rest of us also said how useless. There are some things you may be hit wall will suddenly see the light, I shouldn’t Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale have. however, really want to be entrepreneurs experienced the pain of failure to understand? Probably not, tea tertiary Nike Free Run 3 don’t believe in theology and fortune telling, but believe the opportunity. A person’s life path may be destined already, due to your individual character more. And the listener in Ming Dynasty, some people are born like to absorb the views of all parties, finally summary have their own judgment, some people are born to listen to anyone’s opinion, must oneself experience caixing. So, tea tertiary believe some people are destined not suitable for business own officer. why will install the south wall do not Nike Flex Experience RN look back? the problem may be a bit complicated, as above, by nature, a single more may be their own inner face nature. Entrepreneur B years ago to start a business, when sales are born, so a person to do various Nike Air Max Women types of agents, the use of the old customer relationship, there are also some business, each month to earn money, living in Chengdu is no problem. Lebron James Shoes The foreign business card printing are so CEO, but in fact the company didn’t register, customer need the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale invoice to find a friend when companies on behalf of drive. On the Internet Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale to communicate with people often entrepreneurs themselves, depicting his own blueprint. But because of personal funds are limited, network accumulation is not enough, it is difficult to set up a team. 2 years later, touch a small B, ask what, say, in the undertaking, do another project. I asked carefully, just understand, turned out to be that of a traditional

recently, life want good, hurriedly Taobao, enrich one’s family by labor, thrifty by Jingdong, fellow villagers see, shopping to Nike Free Run 3 Dangdang electric business publicity slogans on the walls in the countryside. approach previously have mostly been used in policy propaganda and means of agricultural production, marketing, is now being business bigwigs from. according to the Jingdong introduced, starting in the fourth quarter of 2013 to March of this year, Jingdong has launched over 8000 musicians in the country’s 145 city. Recently, Jingdong mall official microblog post way: not only can go abroad, also want to go to the countryside; tall up to got into the New York Times square, down to earth on can be painted over the rural red brick wall. Billboard picturing a New York Times square, and a rural wall publicity language. as a second tier city market tends to saturation and competition pattern of basic set, electric enterprises have begun to seize the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale rural and county electric blue ocean, the implementation of the channel sink strategy. July 3rd, held the first China county economy and electronic business summit, the country’s 26 provincesWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Light Purple Fluorescence and municipalities, 176 urban counties leadership to participate in meetings, electric counties have a big show of muscle. On July 14th 20, Alibaba department under Taobao, poly costeffective, Tmall Electrical City launched a standardized product all electric delivery household activities, coverage of more than 2600 counties, about 500000 villages. Jingdong accelerated layout of O2O Online To Offline, refers to the online business opportunities combined with the Internet, make the Internet become offline trade foreground’s Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale editor’s note. In March 17th this year, Jingdong Glow in the Dark Jordan Men and 15 city thousands of convenience stores signed. At present, the standard of convenience stores and their cooperation has emerged in the countryside. at the same time, the third party ecommerce platform is also committed to provide farmers with network poineering way with low cost. According to statistics, Ali Research Institute, as of November 30, 2013, and the lynx on normal business is registered in rural contain county Nike Air Max Women shop number is 203.9, 24.9% growth Lebron James Shoes compared to the end of 2012, which registered in the village for 105, increase 76.3% than at the end of 2012, a net increase of 46 million rural shop. in the promotion of local government, some local formed a resourcebased products production base, there has been a lot of Taobao village. Yao Yang Dean Peking University National Development Research Institute believes that the development of rural ecommerce, depends on a number of large domestic Nike Max 90 Current Moire enterprises to accelerate network of Internet industry market deepening; at the same Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale time, upgrade for more and the post financial crisis era of China’s overall economic structure adjustment, industrial economy. In the coastal farmers home business, back to the new concept of Internet trade and consumption for the home. however, dealers to the countryside is also facing many can not bypass the kaner. logistics is the biggest problem. At present, in Nike Flex Experience RN addition to China Post Express Company coverage outside, most can only reach the county level. Rural

in the course Nike Free Run 3 of the development of human civilization, any history book can not avoid a character, in 1996 July was time magazine as one of the most important contemporary futurist, and tied with the Chinese early Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale in Lebron James Shoes the China early Internet, his Digitized survival a Book 97 years of entering China, known as the Internet Bible, because the book that the digital age, especially changes that Internet brings to the humanity, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men and the predictions come true, for example, now already popular touchscreen technology, is one of his brilliant exposition, in addition, after the National People’s Congress Internet investment success, he fought for Nike Max 90 Current Moire his life career, is to give remote and impoverished children in developing countries Nike Flex Experience RN began to spread, $100 free computer, he is Nicholas? Nigeluo ponty. In June 25, 2014, should Baidu hundred invited, he came to the Chinese, and Baidu hundred media since the author zero distance conversation, talked about the development of the internet. extreme creativity refused to gradual improvement of for the education problem Chinese parents care about most, Nike Air Max Women language has always been extreme, Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale buWomens  Nike Free 4.0 Pink Gold Yellowt always fulfilled, shortly after the opening, he published his views. He believes that from a technical point of view: programming is thinking about DNA, but programming simple that is manufacturing applications, there are hundreds of programming language code in the future may be, the future society, now the children should be consumer applications. And China children too, a lot of code to strengthen the ability of thinking. The existing educational system should help children realize their own want to do, this is the creativity, there was a name for the Pisa international test, this test mainly tests the knowledge, comprehensive analysis, innovation quality. Many countries scored higher than the United States, such as Finland, where children have no homework, no exam, class rarely. But the code is a way of thinking, now many parents pay attention to competition, but competition is deprived of the creativity of children, for the education system, every country needs to help them grow, instead of using competition to destroy. from the creativity he thought gradual improvement is creativity enemy. This is a kind of disease, in the past 50 years, there are many published great technology, but for the last 4, 5 years, gradual improvement become mainstream, so a lot of the birth of a good product, good company, but this gradual improvement hampered the pace of innovation. lifestyle ownership era digital effects after Ncgroponte said that due to the rapid development of digitization and automation, great changes have taken place in young people’s concept, because more convenient, young people like fifty years ago and hope to have a car of my own, is not willing to stay in the comfort of the suburbs with their parents, and it’s all Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale because of the change of society and convenient caused. The way of life, but also on the car

news in February 28th, by the game exclusive agent, seven cool technology research and development of the first Europe Diablo theme boutique Webpage Game dark world Nike Flex Experience RN in February 28th the full open test, known as the Webpage version of the pineapple Diablo Nike Free Run 3 become the world Baidu game following the blood wars, Nike Air Max Women havoc in heaven after a OL the highly respected Webpage Game epic game player. is recognized in the industry enter the struggle fight, Webpage Game mouthing 213 years, Baidu game has emerged a number money earning million level products, continue to force the generation of products at the end of the only havoc in heaven earn billions of dollars in 2013 OL became one of the industry’s most fire Webpage Game products. Baidu games successful products has emerged and the industry Glow in the Dark Jordan Men followed by hot spots for different products with different operating strategies have an important relationship. at the beginning of 2013 Baidu game is pushing the blood wars, in after the success of borrowing strength to build dedicated gaming platform reserves of tens of thousands of loyal to the end of the year Baidu game game player; single generation Webpage GaMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackme havoc in heaven is a masterpiece by OL film havoc in heaven was released a month income potential in one fell swoop breakthrough billion mark, Baidu games become another successful case. The Baidu game again closely follow the industry trend, in blizzard Diablo 3 continuous bounced three years enough to hoist the appetite for game player, but also raises don Diablo game player on the Diablo 2 this classic deep nostalgia of Nike Max 90 Current Moire the hiatus, Baidu Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale game launched homeopathy dark world, through the talent showing itself in 3000 variety of Diablo game of their powerful promotion channels and operational capacity, many game player called the familiar scenes, BOSS brought back memories of people burst into tears. Dark world wings of system it is understood that the Diablo world as God to page as the Diablo 2 background story based roleplaying instant fighting game, in addition to inheriting the innovation BOSS challenge and crusade against the Lord, the big demon city, the eternal battle and other characteristics of the content, but also make up for the standalone version of the Diablo 2 players defects interaction is not strong, not Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale only added a builtin consignment system also allows the player to cross war served with global players to relive the Diablo 2. The latest out of the millions of CG is caused by the media and many suspect, players it is reported, this test Baidu game temporarily open the barbarian, witch, three Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale classical roles, but more online open more skills, IC packaging and testing system and equipment system, a comprehensive open today will be officially revealed, the Diablo fans can look. Lord Crusade as Baidu game with the industry trend of the Diablo once again to explore, Diablo world become a Baidu game in 2014 the strength to Lebron James Shoes send one of the works, after Baidu game Wu move back, Wolong and a variety of new page tour will also meet with the players.

this year, with the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and the issuance of 4G licenses, the rapid growth of ecommerce transaction scale. Encouraged by this, dangdang, such as ecommerce platform in succession to launch APP content implant based social Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale shopping and shopping etc. topic innovation application in mobile terminal, wireless social force, at the same time, from the mobile terminal flow ratio and order proportion climbing. reporter from dangdang wireless career department was informed that, as of the third quarter of this year, dangdang from mobile Nike Air Max Women terminal Nike Max 90 Current Moire flow over the PC end, accounted for more than 60%, growth of 25% annulus, while orders than also has more than 40%. According to the insiders dangdang prediction, by the end of the year, dangdang wireless order proportion is expected to reach 50%. data show that Nike Flex Experience RN in just the past second quarters, the mobile platform transaction volume accounted for 32.8%, Jingdong 6? 18 during wireless orders accounted for about 25%, mobile sales product will account for 46% of the total. A surge in Dangdang mobile end flow and the number of orders, except when PC users in a mobile terminal a conversion and continuous high streMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Red Bluength of new external customer promotion, new Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale flash purchase, mobile terminal shopping enjoy mobile phone Nike Free Run 3 exclusive price and other factors, also benefit from Dangdang sells continuously improve field atmosphere on mobile end this year. not long ago, Dangdang network in the mobile client online Chic NowGo, Dangdang tone and iWant multiple social shopping products, changed the traditional shelf display, taking the community as the starting point to explore the user pain point. Among Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale them, Chic Lebron James Shoes Now is a female guide recommended popular fashion style, wear, brand story, Go for men is recommended when season fashion, Dangdang tone highlight tonal products, style elements main strange new small and beautiful, to resolve consumer front guide; the topic of Iwant shopping guide from production to consumption to guide, according to the user’s interest groups. in the above action, Dangdang wireless career department also set up independent investment team, focus on attracting a stylish atmosphere of independent designers, concept store buyers, characteristics of the C store in Dangdang wireless open platform, such as mint glutinous rice, onion, NY China and fashion geek Shi Yang, the trend of hot mama Xi and m of the original brand and so on in the entry condition, store, and rent and deposit and flow give preferential conditions for businesses be settled down more than PC end. long ago, iResearch predicted that in the next Glow in the Dark Jordan Men two years, the domestic electric business flow from the mobile terminal to will exceed PC end. It now appears that this watershed may greatly advance. Optimistic forecast that, to move the end flow Dangdang than PC end as a symbol, the mainstream of domestic electric business from flow and orders the mobile end this year will be more than PC generally end. The mobile terminal while the entrance to disperse, but the number of mobile users to browse and view time more impulse buying behavior is more obvious, lynx, Dangdang and other ecommerce platform in the mobile terminal sends the strength of social guide, personalized recommendation, topic shopping application innovation, helps the user to cater to the mobile crushing

News playback: as early as July 3rd, Microsoft in knowall joint press conference at the Shanghai film exhibition hall on the published in the Xbox one China Edition, was released one of the most important information: the game situation will serve as the Xbox one builtin first application for the user to provide the information of the game content, events etc 9 month 14 days, the first file for the Electronic Sports Themed reality show refueling! D finished the first quarter finals. This perfect world and the game situation to create eSports programs, to the present popular Nike Flex Experience RN reality show PK forms, whether the program scene perception, or the output of the high level production of content, Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale has won the majority of fans and the audience a lot of praise, more attracted high attention of industry. many people may want to ask, the game situation move does is to do what? Attached is a string Nike Free Run 3 of eSports, the game Nike Air Max Women industry development ponder. reality show to promote Esports more down to earth? fact, Esports as early as in 2003 Mens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Red Bluewhen he has been listed as the ninetyninth official Sports General Administration of sports. However, all eleven years, Esports is still not people’s Nike Max 90 Current Moire attention and respect, much less likely than abroad, forming a highly professional industry. At present, the total size of the global gaming industry reached 50000000000 US dollars, although China after 10 years of development, has not really formed stable industry chain. In recent years China Esports players in international competition on the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale repeated wins success, although a certain extent promoted the Chinese esports industry environment is becoming more perfect, but the Chinese eSports bottlenecks hindering the traditional concept has not really Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale eliminated, the best way is undoubtedly the most familiar with the general population form, to show the side of positive and full electronic athletics positive energy. The gas game situation and the launch of the! DOTA program, its meaning is this: on the one hand is the program content and once traditional Esports events live, have different presentation in the form of the program, process, content, although is still based on the teams, players and the game as the core, Lebron James Shoes but reality show Glow in the Dark Jordan Men PK form to join, breaking the previous Esports live natural form and routine; on the other hand, the reality show has become the focus of many TV entertainment programs, most of the eSports fans don’t accident more or less of this type of program has knowledge, and when the PK reality show in the tournament, not only changed the eSports fans view, also cater to the tastes of the surrounding friends Esports events live, more popular, and even can be said more down to earth, to promote public re cognition eSports, has a considerable role no doubt. game situation or will create a new way to develop the esports live The influx of will benefit from the policy change and capital, the development of Chinese electronic sports industry as a whole in the past two years again ushered in the highspeed hair

to buy insurance, the primary objective is to protect the. For the Nike Air Foamposite Women insurance products to consumers or investors, insurance experts generally as is recommended. As everyone knows, finance is an additional function of insurance products, insurance financial function is more strong, the security function of the weaker. However, now there are many insurance companies Blake Griffin Shoes in order to cater to the psychology of investor on the market, too much emphasis on the insurance financial function. risk as Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale the shadow follows the form although with the Internet channel first family insurance premium income cannot be compared, but finance type insurance still firmly occupy the runner up throne. The report Chinese Internet financial China Internet Association released 2014 shows, in 2013 the Internet channel and the biggest contribution for the insurance premium income, accounted for 52.4%; followed by the financial risks, accounting for more than 27.9%; again for the accident insurance, accounting for more than 14.8%. early last year, Internet financial products have been in full swing. During this period, China Life Insurance, Kunlun health insurance and other companies have launched the anticipated annualized rate of retuMens Nike Free 3.0 Nubuck Black Red Whitern of 6% similar products, with the balance treasure, money and other monetary funds, finance type insurance product demand high prices also stems from its high rate of return. addition, finance type insurance products on the Internet more flexible deadline, the shortest only 15 days. Some experts said that the financial type insurance products is a kind of security is weakening and strengthening revenue of financial products, mainly for the life insurance products of allpurpose and dividends, but is generally shortterm wholesale payment type. At Air Jordan Shoes Mens present, financial type insurance income is not included in the premium income, and classified into new investment accounting under paragraph. Nike Air Max Mens Because the degree of standardization of such products is high, the user needs Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale a higher degree, is easy to form scale, some small and medium enterprises in order to improve the scale of Internet insurance premium will have launched the product, and the rate of the fierce fighting in the income, raising product yield to attract customers to Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice the formation of larger scale. not long ago, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui once pointed out that some insurance institutions to develop shortterm risks and high yield of universal insurance products and other financial type insurance business for more than 1 years or 2 years, settlement rate reached 5% or even higher, this product is the pursuit of high returns, most of them to the high income, flow low alternative assets, such as real estate, infrastructure, trust, the formation of the new situation of short of money long matches, Nike Air Force Ones the existence of a greater liquidity risk. , however, for ordinary consumers, the biggest risk is inadequate disclosure of information. The personage inside course of study says, Internet insurance business is mainly completed through the Consumer Discretionary Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale trading, compared with the traditional trading mode, the lack of facetoface communication. And network sale emphasizes attract eyeball, exaggerated demonstrates ways of marketing, and insurance products strict, explicit risk sales requirements there is a big difference. At present, the sale of part of the third party platform security

today global manufacturing in October PMI data will continue to be released, it will be the latest barometer of global economic prospects, whether the world economy is the end of hills and rivers or dense willow trees and bright flowers, material can be found quite a part of the answer. In addition, a major point of global central bank officials a number of speech wording is the u.s in addition to PMI data of all countries, the British Thursday released retail price index data elimination of FHFA sale data Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale and American will also be on the economic situation further interpretation of low carbon steel. In addition, investors need to pay close attention to the subsequent progress in the Canadian Parliament by shooting, shooting incident shock wave, governor of the Bank of Nike Air Foamposite Women Canada Rose originally intended on Thursday in the country’s parliamentary testimony talk has been postponed indefinitely. yesterday due to release of the Bank of England conference summary and Canada’s central bank announced interest rate resolution and attract investors to the eye, but from the published results, cause certain influence on currencies, the dollar fell below this week low, and for the precious metals mMens Nike Free 3.0 Grey Orange Blackarket, effect is not too big, but is maintained in technology trends primarily, the short hair, taking part of the increase, both the ultimate collection of yin. the next day the British central bank meeting minutes show the number of members, support the Blake Griffin Shoes interest rates unchanged Nike Air Max Mens at two, the majority of MPC members that the premature tightening could make the British economy vulnerable to shocks, the pound against the dollar shortterm fell more than 50 points, to 1.6011 day low refresh. New York plate, Canada’s central bank announced Air Jordan Shoes Mens interest rate resolution. The Bank of Canada announced Nike Air Force Ones resolution display kept rates unchanged at 1%, in line with expectations. The Bank of Canada gave up a neutral policy wording in the resolution, and raised expectations for the economy, this has supported the Canadian dollar higher. Dollar rose sharply after the shock of 1.1287 dollar decline, since NIKKO, fell to the lowest 1.1189. Previously, retail sales figures released in Canada is expected, supporting the dollar exchange rate rise, but after the resolution all taking days rally. , Ning your banks review: long time after finishing the air force to force, the impact of the 3400 Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale mark, and once the refresh this week lows to 3387 yuan kg, the next day morning opened at 3463 yuan kg, the highest intraday test 3471 yuan Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale kg and pressure drop, beauty session refresh this week lows to 3387 yuan kg, in the end to close at 3397 yuan kg, down 1.99, the daily charge a bardo column. Analysis of Technology: from the daily, two even yang to collect a shade, and the formation of engulfing patterns, taking the first two increase, brin still go flat under the rail operation, formed in 3355 shortterm Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice support, after the MA5 and MA10 bonded with signs of downward, drawings MACD indicators Jin Cha peatlands, red energy attenuation, high turn head RSI adhesive go flat in the vicinity of 40, KDJ polymerization diverges downward, and slightly oversold situation on the gold that daily shocks showed weak trend; from 4 hours to

The property market remains in the doldrums, the injured Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale besides fried tenants, developers, and real estate conduit company. With both trading and of real estate intermediary commission, dependent on the survival of the closing tide again. Recently, the 2014 three quarter Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale real estate financial situation briefing, Yi Chinese CEO Zang Jianjun revealed, he and Centaline founder Shi Yongqing agreed, to store will become the inevitable trend of real estate intermediary industry. this is an eventful year real estate intermediary industry. The first is the housing, live off the website such as the high cost by adjusting the client port, Air Jordan Shoes Mens causing the conduit company boycott; then, Vanke and other developers also launched the national agent marketing models, moving the intermediary industry cheese; Q housing network launched the independent broker system will further weaken the traditional intermediary profitability; 10 early in twentyfirst Century, the acquisition of real estate from the housing ownership, the latter becoming the second largest shareholder, formally enter the real estate intermediary and agency, is the other intermediary business called wolf. the current real estate intermediary market is a big cake, attracting eyeballs. In a room as an example, calculated in accordance with the developers maMens Nike Free 3.0 Grey Blackrketing costs accounted for sales of the 2%3%, if the new sales amounted to 8 trillion yuan, a whole Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale new Nike Air Force Ones market marketing costs more than 160000000000 yuan. Which by the agent sales Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice ratio of about 40% i.e. 3.2 trillion yuan, Nike Air Foamposite Women sales agents industry generally extract 1% of the cost is 30000000000 yuan, the scale of. addition Yishoufang agency, the business of secondhand housing intermediary industry is also very impressive. According to estimates, 3:1 is probably Nike Air Max Mens the new and secondhand housing sales amount proportion. According to this data, the secondary housing market overall sales scale up to 2.5 trillion yuan. According to the current intermediary industry sets were 2% commission calculation, the secondhand housing intermediary market size of about 50000000000 yuan. The new agency and the secondhand housing intermediary market scale reached 80000000000 yuan. Although real estate intermediary market cake is very big, but the market is not stable, every time the market adjustment, always accompanied by a large number of real estate intermediary business. The real estate market is a period of three years. Every time after the market blowout, second years must be a wave of big adjustment. But this year the property market winter the situation worse, pressure from all sides, is to further squeeze the living space of intermediary industry. first, the majority of real estate intermediary in the bull market to expand the shop, to compete for more market share, this can make an instant effect in a short period of time. But Blake Griffin Shoes in the property market winter, often because of lack of savings and not cold, its stores became an intermediary burden, resulting in the industry as a whole closed shop tide. and real estate intermediary business platform business by the impact, squeezed, closures inevitable. Before the housing and live off the have raised the secondhand housing clients use rates were more than conduit company boycott, and caused a lot of houses from these sites under the frame of. The storm forced the real estate intermediary in succession to business transformation, the development of online business, completed from the entity shop to change platform

Wholesale and retail loudspeakers SCNU Dear friends: hello! Guangzhou BINLI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the speaker wholesale and retail , supply good, cheap price, customer service warranty service. Guangzhou good voice amplifier, is high quality products Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Australia Online Sale development Guangzhou binly Technologies Co. ltd The product since the 2008 December market launch, service object: of the South China University of Kobe Bryant Shoes Technology, South China Normal University, Guangzhou University, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, soil and Fertilizer Institute, Guangdong Province experiment middle school; the eightynine Middle School of Guangzhou city; Dongpu high school and junior high school; Huangpu District Miao tou Huang Cun primary school; Glow in the Dark Jordan Men primary school; Nansha and Nansha Nike Air Max Womens second middle school first; the second middle school of Zengcheng; Shunde Fengcheng primary school; Foshan first middle school and Daqing Normal University, Sichuan Xichang city Changan road trip 131 Jin Ying society . In addition to the serviceTeacher Jordan Nubuck Men , good voice amplifier is also popular guide, supermarket sales staff, subway staff consumer groups welcome, and a large number of wholesale to the Guangzhou computer city and GMens Nike Free 3.0 V3 Black Whiteuangdong and other provinces Guangxi two class city computer city related computer accessories shop. Guangzhou BINLI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is founded by three graduated from the national key project of 211 college Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men Australia Online Sale students, entrepreneurs and the specialty are electronic. Binly technologies in Guangzhou CityTwo cross road Tianhe District Yuancun Quanfeng commercial building 201 offices, business service has stores in Gangding Pacific Computer City G288. For the convenience of our customers to take delivery of the goods, we are also in the East China Normal University Shipai campus and Huajing Blake Griffin Shoes Metro has warehouse, our production factory is located in Guangdong city of Enping Province China Foreign Development Zone F, No. 7 Jin Hui Industrial Park building A. take the customer as the center, take the quality as the guarantee, take the technology as the support, the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women Australia Online Sale company sells good quality guaranteed teaching megaphone. Our aftersales service in place in time, the acclaimed. Guangzhou Tianhe and Yuexiu District we can doortodoor service, other area can be a megaphone to us, or contact us directly in the local services, we will promptly to your maintenance, and in the specified date will be sent back teaching megaphone. SF Express has a cooperation agreement signed with my company if you need to buy teaching megaphone, can contact the following staff: Liu Sheng responsible for business development mobile: 1345 0424615; China division cornet 654615; Pu Sheng responsible for aftersales technical phone: 13570533375; Deng Sheng responsible for the Foshan area, phone: 13925444734; Cao Sheng responsible for the Zengcheng Air Jordan Shoes Womens area, phone: 13560441540.