In October 15th 2014 this article from the global people Journal of 264th Author: Yin Jie Page=1 profile Cao Jianhai, born in 1967, doctor of economics, Professor of graduate school, Dr. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research tutor. In 2010 December was 30 million netizens voted as one of the China Internet nine influential man. He suggested the , the owners do not make trouble, enterprises do not miscarriage of justice, the government not to rescue this is a plain golden nine silver ten, Beijing City, Chaoyang District, the majority of real estate intermediary door window still lonely, empty. This Blake Griffin Shoes year, this time, the window should be covered with the pending sale of the introduction and the price of housing. If you ask the staff who introduction to where go to, most of them will answer: we temporarily removed, so prices rise up and then hang. Over the years, this is the first time they admitted that house prices down, but still look forward to re up. in the eyes of many people, the possibilitMens Nike Flex Experience RN Black Deep Bluey of up getting smaller. Crash sounds from the beginning of the year on how changes since June also seemed to confirm this expectation. Data show that more and more Chinese cities into prices Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Australia Online Sale downward channel. At the same time, the local government does not sit, have introduced policies to rescue the Kobe Bryant Shoes market. In addition to North Guangzhou and Sanya, around the purchase order has been canceled. The day before the national day, the central bank issued a document formally announced the implementation of recognized credit does not believe that the housing policy, the first suite Shoufu 30%, minimum executable thirty percent off interest rate; the first suite loan settlement, here buying a suite, loan policy as the first; in the cancelled the purchase of the city, and Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Women Australia Online Sale in three Jordan Nubuck Men sets of housing can apply for housing loans The message comes out, part Nike Air Max Womens of the people in question: the real estate market is collapsing it? Another part of people ask: the real estate market also save? Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Cao Jianhai Academy of Social Sciences Professor years of study of the real estate market told the global people magazine reporter: the shortterm real estate will not collapse, but this round of bailout would not like before effective. The housing is not just to be Global Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Men Australia Online Sale People Air Jordan Shoes Womens magazine: in accordance with the principles of economics, not the price of a commodity is forever rise not fall, China’s house prices, why not? Cao Jianhai: it has to do with our economic policy. The ruling stratum, focus on the goal of economic growth through the real estate to promote economic growth, the local government to obtain huge economic interest in them. The government take interest, from developers to obtain monopoly profits, real from the increase, the three links led to the housing bubble. But the long term, rise and fall, now may be the inflection point. Global People magazine: real

in the modern society, the core of housing as the basic necessities of life, it is of great importance in life Kobe Bryant Shoes is unmatched by Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Women Australia Online Sale any other commodity. It is not only the most basic of each individual, to buy the highest value of the necessities of life, but also the personal wealth holding level important symbol. Therefore, in modern society, any country would be to develop a variety of housing policy to ensure that residents basic living rights, Jordan Nubuck Men try to let the housing fair and reasonable allocation. That is to say, living justice is the basic duty of modern state. In Chinese, living justice is a solid foundation for the establishment of public people’s basic living right in the individual talent, the purpose of the party and on land. Therefore said, living justice should also be the basic characteristics of Chinese housing market. first, talent habitatio refers to each China citizen’s basic right of residence is born with, he from the first day of birth of our society have the responsibility to guarantee the living rights of every citizen basic. And each citizen’s basic right of residence has priority principle, it is the housing market to the existence and development of selfevident axiom. Because, to guarantee the basic human basic necessities of life of Mens Nike Flex Experience RN Black Deep Blueeach individual, is the basic condition for the existence and reproduction of the human society, but also the basic Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Men Australia Online Sale symbol of modern civilized society. Because of the basic living right is the genius of modern civilization, have thus, in developed countries, and even have a certain civilization countries, ensure that each resident housing the basic demand for owner occupied housing market is these countries basic policy or policy purposes. For example, the U.S. housing policy purpose or the core is to make every citizen of the United States can afford to have the capacity to pay housing. That is to say, the Air Jordan Shoes Womens priority of each citizen’s basic right of residence Glow in the Dark Jordan Men to illustrate the civilization degree of the housing problem is not only related to the basic Blake Griffin Shoes living conditions of each individual also relates to the whole country and society. second, the purpose of Nike Air Max Womens the party’s existence premise is the housing market and development. Because China is a socialist country under the leadership of the Communist Party of china. The fundamental purpose of the Communist Party of China is to serve the people heart and soul, all the party’s work and struggle is for the wellbeing of the people, the fundamental interests of the people is the starting point of the party and the state of the workpiece and the foothold of all. But always file in the party’s people to live also is the living embodiment of justice. third, public land in China, the development of housing market is based on the state owned land on the. Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Australia Online Sale The stateowned land means what? Not only is China’s land for all citizens of all China, but also in all the land might serve the entire people, the right of the people to share the fruits of the land on the. That is to say, people have the right to transfer or the recovery of stateowned land, also have the right to share the land value, have the right to share the land enclosed the premium. Because of China’s land is stateowned, the basic elements of housing production is land, so land attachments that housing interests on how to allocate and adjustment is to all the people of the public interest based. can say that every residents basic living right talent, the purpose of the party

Yesterday market opened lower digestive IPO and the outer disk bad shock rebound, the rebound in the current round of high impact, high dive down to the afternoon session lows to, trading volume significantly enlarged, display funds Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Women Australia Online Sale cautious risk aversion. The impact of 2400 failed to return to the market shocks, the weight stock in financial shares represented by the frequent support line 20, and led the early military and electronic plate for the callback, dampened market sentiment, Chonggao resistance easily lead to hedge funds to leave. Investors entanglements hesitate, shortterm continuation of concussion City, 20 line support is still attention. Today the stock index futures delivery, air or to suppress the intraday after Xipan re stabilize, the market 20 lines constitute an important support, hold the line remained strong consolidation pattern. The operation to continue around Shanghai Hong Kong and reform topics such as local bargain hunting, such as brokerage, resource stocks such as blue chip, the early or too large a variety advice pocket for security, fine texture of stagflation stocks may continue to participate in bargain. The fourth quarter of the market transition and fund new layout is formed, the short term, the medicine, the reform of stateowned enMens Nike Flex Experience RN Black Greyterprises, environmental protection, Highspeed Rail, nuclear power, culture and the media concept stock market is still an important active plate, investors may be properly grasp. 1 key themes Glow in the Dark Jordan Men and one point: the central deep restructuring of stateowned assets reform in researchTop design of Blake Griffin Shoes stateowned enterprises reform in countries hope to speed up the pace, the central deep restructuring and reform of the special group of ecological civilization, sent several teams to place, investigation of the reform Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Australia Online Sale of stateowned assets, and provide reference for deepening the reform leading group of the central decisionmaking. May be appropriate to focus on Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Chongqing and other places the reform of shares. 2. Air Jordan Shoes Womens key themes and two things: a number of logistics support policy is expected to fall to the ground for the implementation of the logistics industry development and longterm planning, the relevant departments are studying the reduction of administrative Nike Air Max Womens fees business logistics enterprise problem, accelerate the implementation of logistics enterprise commodity warehousing facilities land tax halve policy. In addition, the relevant measures to support the cold chain logistics development is expected to soon. The related stock: Xinning logistics, Tielong logistics, Xiangyu shares, Yantai moon etc 3 key themes and three things: high iron foreign money way bright followed with Thailand and other countries to open the high Jordan Nubuck Men iron project, China’s cooperation with Russia to build again Eurasian high iron, Gao Tiezheng gradually go out of china. Through the high iron diplomacy, high iron industry get new development opportunities, and will drive the development of the field of industry chain downstream subdivision, railway infrastructure stocks money way is bright. Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Men Australia Online Sale The related stock: China Southern, China north vehicle, Jin billion industry, century real etc note: above does not constitute investment advice, please pay attention to the market risk. a never nonsense team, make a month or more than Kobe Bryant Shoes 50% of the stock platform, we try to select each potential shares, only for the retail service. Login to view the latest hot topics and analyst stock selection!

from PC to sell business divestiture TV Nike Flex Experience RN business, the future path Sony exit consumer electronics business increasingly clear embodiment, an B2B company Sony is like many Japanese companies like recently, according to the overseas media reports, because the stock trading volume is Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women UK Online Sale too low, the Sony Corp will be around August 29th delisted from the London Stock exchange. It is reported, the Sony Corp in order to maintain the required listed in London every year to spend 10000000 yen $97000 more than the cost of. Since November last year, has Fujitsu, Toshiba and many other Japan Inc from the London Stock Exchange delisting, the reasons are in the European market trading volume is too small, the delisting helps reduce the cost. this is a disgrace to the decision, once let many people admire the consumer goods giant and iconic companies, even for a mere $97000 cost saving, and the choice of the delisting, a sigh. After the sale of the PC business, split the TV business, now Sony hopes on mobile Glow in the Dark Jordan Men devices and game business. However, the future is still full Lebron James Shoes of great uncertainty, so Sony future redemption road in He Fang? quit PC Nike Max 90 Current Moire and TV, Sony in the field of consumer goods in fMens Nike Free 3.0 V3 Black Whiteullscale retreat in February 6th this year, Sony announced and Japanese investment fund JIP signed a memorandum of understanding, Sony will be sold under the VAIO brand computer business to JIP. In the personal computer market since 1982, Sony PC come to an end. for the sale of Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 UK Online Sale reason, Sony’s answer is: Sony comprehensive consideration and analysis of the great changes, including the global computer market Sony overall business combination and strategic factors, the final decision will be mobile product line focused on intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, and will transfer to the new company JIP EEG business establishment is the at present the best choice. at the same time, SONY also announced a spin off television business, which will be as a wholly owned subsidiary of operation, and cut 5000 employees, also announced officially closed online ebook store in North America ReaderStore. In the field Nike Free Run 3 of television, SONY has been entrenched in the highend market, SONY is the main source of profit. At present, SONY in the OLED TV, 4K TV to the edge, leading the market, covering from 49 inch to 85 inch TV models many series. In the aspect of software and Nike Air Max Women content, SONY once the acquisition of Colombia Pictures Inc, the Mi Gaomei company, strength in music, film and television etc no matter how you feel pity, SONY in order to profit, categorically will computers and television business to get rid of, and will hope in smartphones, tablet computers and game device. However, these three areas, SONY days still not be easy. in the field of smart Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men UK Online Sale phones, SONY cannot and highend Apple Corp compared also with once you despise Samsung Corp gap very far. In the lowend market, the Japan Inc in fullscale retreat, completely is the China Company of the world, HUAWEI, ZTE, Lenovo, millet and other two companies more brave,

8.15 day, to electric business, may be a memorable day. To Jingdong mall and Suning Tesco based business wars, ruqierzhi. This field of Internet appliance promotion war, from the beginning of a plan. the price war is inevitable in the accidental, incidental is: he is Jingdong face a strong counterattack Su Ning, abnormal high accurate, he is not an industry Sheng Hui, Liu Qiangdong was ed as saying that: the main object of Gome is not positive attention, the main goal is to sue ning. Is Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Jingdong and Suningyi purchase two electric company separate positive contest, the majority of enterprises and dealers to follow is to profit from it, after all, not everyone can do the protagonist. is essential, since in Suningyi purchase abnormal highprofile into the business, especially since June, Suning advertising flying all over the sky, he told us, Suningyi purchase will do anything to expand market share, price Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women UK Online Sale war can hardly be avoided; and on the 8.18 day anniversary as available, Jingdong not without action, so the war such as the stork. in the home appliance selfsupporting electric field, Jingdong seems to have no rivals, Suningyi purchase Nike Free Run 3 as the bright younger generation, the ferocious, so loMens Nike Free 3.0 V3 Black Whiteng as has the opportunity Jingdong will play, but this one is kill two birds with one stone. had a couple of times before the microblog event marketing, Liu Qiangdong applied for microblog new media has been very much at home, but also Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men UK Online Sale fully aware of the great Nike Air Max Women advertising effect. From the microblog momentum, to the promotion of foreshadowing, then to active price, as their rookie Suningyi purchase can only move, with the price also is really the lowest, the first round, Liu Qiangdong will hold the advantage of opinion. at the same time, but also Nike Max 90 Current Moire for a riposte to 6.18 anniversary of the Jingdong be caught between two fires. reportedly, Jingdong on day 15, 9 points after 20 minutes, received nearly 50000000 yuan of orders higher than usual. But there are also some consumers put forward, this Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 UK Online Sale is a joint advertising show, earning numerous eyeball, show the majority component. The monitoring data of from a cat network, in the face of highprofile about price Liu Qiang when the 8.15 day, Jingdong Mall, the lowest price ranks third in the whole network, there are nearly three into the low price goods Jingdong lowkey shows no goods. This is Liu Qiangdong in the business arena in naked cheat, cheated netizen to Jingdong trust and expectation. capital pressure Suningyi purchase may be Jingdong the promotion’s true intentions. with the war, caused some negative impact to Suning Appliance, shares fell, on March 15th or up to a maximum Nike Flex Experience RN of 5.1%. As Liu Qiangdong said, Jingdong Mall’s main target is Suning appliance. Price war is a surface approach, is behind Liu Qiangdong by shorting mechanism adopts the way of short Rongquan, Suning stock profit, this operation Lebron James Shoes is greater than the price war profits. Of course, Jingdong Mall official denied the claims. is known to all, through to the trust company’s three pen pledge, Jindong actual

has been considered, operators can’t do Internet Co, this speculation is constantly being verified. Mobile got wind in the early era of the five base, has great impact Lebron James Shoes on a wave of Internet Co, declining. Once acclaimed Fetion, rise in Micro message in silence. face the current situation, three big operators feel crisis. With the establishment of the virtual operator access, tower company, operators of mixture system of ownership seem to find the feeling, and hope to go further in the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men mixed road. last week, at the interim results conference, chairman Xi Guohua said, will be put under the China Mobile five base further reform of Corporation, let it in accordance with market rules of operation, and the possible introduction of mixed economic system of ownership, namely, the introduction of private capital. The content production especially in some US does not have the expertise, can be combined and the business community, the future even IPO, listed. and Xi Guohua said, China Mobile have this there have been some tentative ideas are actively promoting. Compared virtual operators Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women UK Online Sale such stimulation, let what participation ofMens Nike Free 3.0 V3 Black White five large base is more like a Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men UK Online Sale test of surgical operation. reform is the need to move results showed that the first half of 2014 mobile Nike Max 90 Current Moire net profit of 57700000000 yuan, down 8.5% over the previous year, has been four consecutive quarter yearonyear decline. face profit declines in the interim results of the media session, China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua said that the China Mobile to maintain a healthy and sustainable development of the very important point is that must be committed to reform. Xi Guohua said that Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 UK Online Sale the mixed ownership reform is the need of China Mobile’s own development. According to Xi Guohua, there are two major reform path. On the reform of economy of mixed ownership is relatively large, moving to wait for the national unified deployment. Small, mobile will be decisive, immediate execution. recently we have planned, including the five base further reform of Corporation, let it in accordance with market rules operation. We also consider can be mixed economic system of ownership, especially the content Nike Free Run 3 production in some US does not have the expertise, we can Nike Air Max Women combine and social forces, and even IPO, the listed. Xi Guohua said. , the industry believes that the move five large base, architecture independent of each local branch history there have been tainted, and the investment was in the hundreds of millions of yuan, the largest music base investment is only about 1000000000 yuan, compared to the 630200000000 yuan revenue, and 121700000000 yuan net profit plate, nature is little to be negligible. Base is suitable to the reform of Nike Flex Experience RN water, out of the industry also won’t produce an effect. resource monopoly caused by system corruption in

recently launched this year, Alibaba acquisition spree tour, spanning many unrelated industries, will be a lot of companies incorporated, seemingly is constructed with a very large Alibaba Empire, but actually be threatened by growing crises. let us list Alibaba investment or acquisition of the company. Hengda football club, Sina microblog, Youku potatoes, Gao De, UC, culture, China intime group, Hang Seng electronic, wasu For more than a year, Alibaba spent on investment and acquisition of funds Nike Flex Experience RN up to $8000000000. what is interesting, in 2013 April, Lebron James Shoes Alibaba announced the ANZ bank, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, DBS group, Hsbc Holdings Ltd, JP Morgan chase, Morgan Stanley and Mizuho Corporate Bank nine banks $8000000000 loan credit. Contrast down, can be found in Alibaba actually spend the loan of bank mergers and acquisitions, equivalent to what we spend money buy a house the same bank. See things in a blur behind, reflects the Alibaba is working with industry drifting further and further away, is becoming an investment company. but, as we buy a house loan, must have the ability to repay, otherwise the consequences will beMens Nike Free 3.0 Nubuck Black Yellow Nike Max 90 Current Moire very serious. Alibaba to keeping the body in Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the white in the back, it is necessary to be able to use this series of acquisitions, build a spanning multiple industries Alibaba Empire capital market, to tell a story and then realize the attractive, 100000000000, a $200000000000 fantasy listed Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 UK Online Sale on the course, so everyone to the satisfaction of Nike Air Max Women all, there is a a happy ending. however, this story Alibaba too perfect, and Nike Free Run 3 good things will always be disillusionment. Recently, sources, in order to avoid the United States investment offseason, alibaba will very likely IPO time delay from early August to September rumours. No matter what the reason for the delay, it is certainly not conducive to Alibaba’s fantasy story. This does not, the recent Alibaba in the silent period frequently issued voice, we can see some unbearable. in addition to postpone the listing, Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men UK Online Sale in fact, business integration problem itself is Alibaba concern. So much across different industry enterprises to integrate, the difficulty can be imagined. Ali shares after the Bo, tough will clean out treasure ad insertion microblogging, causing the user experience problems, but increased the user experience anxiety. Ali shares beauty group, not a good integration, resulting in the 3.8 live Festival this year is Baidu rice attack. These two examples show the business integration difficult. in the mobile terminal, a series of acquisitions of Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women UK Online Sale Alibaba also did not receive the corresponding effect. Recently, in the first half of this year, Alibaba in the field of IM, map, search, such as payment to attack everywhere, mergers and acquisitions, expect broken bureau in the mobile terminal, but is everywhere. in IM, in the face of the rise of micro channel, Ma desperate die development task even for each employee to pull 100 users. But IM is highly infectious, this had decided the micro letter first mover advantage is difficult to be pursued, because once a around the user

recently, Ali moves frequently, somebody lied! And media reports Ma Yun said he didn’t want to be so successful. However Ma Yun is indeed achieved initial success, Ali, but rooted in PC Internet is suffering from the impact of mobile Internet, this is not Ma Yun’s retirement at ease study of taijiquan. Then, copy Micro message pushing dealings, imitation Micro message payment frequently upgrade Alipay, since a slap in the face to enter the game, which makes us see a mad Ali, a seeking breakthrough Ma Yun Ali, but the future is still be threatened by growing crises. mobile Internet are opportunities for Internet Co, and has just started, why Ma so upset, Ali and why would be threatened by growing crises? After observation and consideration of longterm, I think the danger is not Ali faced in the era of mobile Internet is Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women UK Online Sale how powerful opponent, but because he so fragile. False, false true true winwin open closed monopoly, false moral real villain is the Lebron James Shoes root of Ali crisis. pay treasure to privatization, let me reexamine my idol Ma Yun was my idol, I also wrote articles expressed admiratMens Nike Free 3.0 Deep Grey Blueion for Ma Yun. But since the Alipay privatization, let Nike Flex Experience RN me begin to reexamine the Ma and. 2011 September Ali and YAHOO started to pay treasure to the final battle, Nike Air Max Women Ali whollyowned Nike Free Run 3 privatization Alipay end. In the whole process of the battle, Ma carried out of Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men UK Online Sale the VIE architecture, the law of foreign capital can not be holding the third party payment is to pay treasure to complete privatization, and table loyal said countries ready to pay treasure to go out at any time with. The VIE architecture is the mode of operation of many mainland companies, then there are many enterprises big brother questioned Ma practices, not the spirit of contract. out Nike Max 90 Current Moire of VIE architecture not only let Ma Yun seems reasonable, but also very patriotic got pay treasure, but also to combat the other similar VIE framework of the third party payment, killing two birds with one stone. Ma Yun is always stand on the moral high ground as Ali banner, but privately but Ma Yun only for their own interests at the expense of industry life. After pay treasure to privatise, 2012 Alibaba chooses to issue price to withdraw from the market, a large number of top investors quilt, the media as Ma Yun the Hongkong massacre of investors to describe the delisting. Self pay treasure to privatization and Ali after delisting, I began to reexamine their idols, found Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 UK Online Sale that Ma has indeed been deified, and behind his advocating the new commercial civilization and shouting perhaps more hidden don’t want to let the outside world know something, perhaps these tall on the slogan is to cover these stains. lynx online business more difficult to do Ma Yun has said, Ali want to let the world is not difficult to do business, to the outside world has been shouting solve much employment for the country, but in Glow in the Dark Jordan Men fact does not seem to be so. help lynx sellers calculated brushstroke Zhang, the cost of product 20

Since May 7th from Ali to the IPO prospectus, the Internet Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women UK Online Sale giant, once again become the focus of the whole people. Concern is no doubt Ali after listing the is worth? Although the authority’s numbers are not the same, but the total market value not low 160000000000 is almost a consensus, to open the door, can pry the two hundred billion, you can rub one’s eyes and wait. Judging from the current , even 160000000000 of market capitalization, Ali will transcend the Tencent, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men boarded the China Internet market value list, second only to the Amazon Google throughout the world. The prospectus shows, with 8.9% of the largest individual shareholders Ma, also Nike Max 90 Current Moire will be sitting on the assets of the 14240000000, if you count the Ma other Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men UK Online Sale assets, but from a personal point of view, he has enough Lebron James Shoes to have overcome and he bet Nike Free Run 3 against the richest man Wang Jianlin price. the company level, the pursuit of high value, the level of the individual over Wang Jianlin to become the new richest man, is this is the IPO Ma Yun purpose? In the author’s opinion, the decision is not. Consolidate his throne in Ali Kingdom, is the IPO home page to. first, put forward from last year the beginnMens Nike Free 3.0 Grey Light Blueing of the listing, Ma Yun led the executive team, does not stop preaching his partner system. The purpose of preparing is listed, can hold the power of the company. Ali had planned listing in Hongkong, because Hongkong does not accept the then moved to the United states. From this you can see, choose one to accept the market, than to choose a higher valuation of the market is important. See second, from the prospectus, long Nike Air Max Women winded is in the discussion of Ali Nike Flex Experience RN partnership system, and the company revenue, market scale, future prospects are in a relatively minor position. Although Ma tried to packed into a relatively decentralized fair system, but it is not difficult to see that, in which there are two is the key. First, Ma Yun and Cai Chongxin as the permanent partners; second, the partners have the right to nominate more than half of the directors, and after the listing of YAHOO will withdraw from the board of directors. Although the prospectus says, every partner may nominate a new partner, but its voting rights but no public. Ma Yun through the control of the board of directors partner indirect control of the whole Ali Empire, even though he retreated behind the scenes, even if the company to become listed public corporation, Ma Yun still is the supreme ruler of the empire. third, the prospectus shows, Alibaba in the nine before the 2013 monthly revenue of 40473000000 yuan, net profit reached 17742000000 yuan, net profit rate reaches as high as 43.8%. Why Ali so not bad money to be listed? In Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 UK Online Sale 2012, Ali had to pay the $7100000000 price repurchase twenty percent shares from YAHOO. When the agreement, if completed IPO Ali, YAHOO to will be in the hands of 523600000 shares sold to Ali or sold in IPO. YAHOO once in the history of the development of Ali has an important role in YAHOO’s $1000000000 is a double edged sword. So in order to consolidate their position in Ali, Ma even pay big

famous third party analysts NPDDisplaySearch recently released a research report said, following the apple in the last 9 days of the launch has released iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus two new machine, mobile phone accessories Nike Air Max Mens sales data across the country also set the record of history record, reached $249000000, the 43% growth over the two weeks ago digital. new iPhone come out greatly stimulated the protection class accessories sales growth. Among them, an increase of 78% battalion receives annulus comparing to usher in a new iPhone mobile phone protective sleeve before the release, the protection of mobile phone shipments set also ushered in the boost of up to 63%. in fact, the use of aluminum alloy cover after iPhone, easy to bend has become the biggest mishap products. Put in a little tight pants pocket, slightly careless, mobile phone may be togeth. Apple mobile phone becomes more and more delicate, because iPhone4s before this quality too well, resulting in a new generation Nike Air Force Ones of Nike Air Foamposite Women iPhone available, many consumers of mobile phone is still new, a lack of replacement of desire. IPad is also suffered from such problems. after this, hadNike Dual Fusion ST 2 Grey Orange a deficit of apples begin to put forward thinner, lighter, faster and faster concept, is actually very Blake Griffin Shoes good understanding, a new generation of iPhone in both hardware and software level are far ahead of a generation. But thinner and lighter, it is not necessarily the consumer choice. A lot of friends who are still not willing to give up iPhone4s, asked the reason was because 4S is thick, hold in the hand feel. and iPhone6 now take too light and too thin, with a plastic shell almost like a hard it can be to crumb, put absolute fear in his pocket. Buy a mobile phone shell to protect it, in fact, this is the first reaction of many people get the phone. After all, compared to protect Air Jordan Shoes Mens thousands of yuan price of iPhone6, a few yuan mobile phone shell investment is not high. in order to cater to the consumer characteristics of mobile phone users personalized, mobile phone protective sleeve manufacturers continue to introduce many more sophisticated workmanship, color pattern is more unique products. This makes the type of mobile phone protective sleeve of more diversified. At the Cheap Nike Flex Experience RN Canada Online Sale same time, the mobile phone shell customization is gradually popular, especially a lot of young cell phone users, and hope that their mobile phone appearance is unique. The according to the survey data of NPD, 75% of smartphone users will choose to install mobile phone shell. Cheap Nike Dual Fusion ST 2 Men Canada Online Sale Which has the highest ratio of iPhone users to install the phone shell, close to 87% of iPhone users are equipped with mobile phone shell. IPhone6 release two weeks later, accessories Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice industry sales. This 43% growth than the two weeks ago figures for comparison, 1 Cheap Nike Dual Fusion ST 2 Canada Online Sale years ago, when the iPhone5s and the 5C sale, accessories industry with $195000000 in sales. The 2013 iPhone sale let accessories industry sales grew 17% than before. mobile phone protection shell texture is classified with the leather, silica gel