implementation of the eight strict eight guarantees to promote the management of case specification this year, Dongbao District procuratorate case management center according to the case by case, centralized coordination, whole process management, quality evaluation of the case management model will be the investigation and supervision, prosecution, anticorruption, anti ditch, civil complaint, the six categories of case acceptance into the centralized management of business, management, statistics, relying on financial investigators in one of the prosecutors unified business applications, perform case acceptance, case handling, process monitoring, transfer of property involved in supervision, defense attorney, agent and reception case quality evaluation, law enforcement risk assessment procedure, management, statistics and other illegal clues of procuratorial functions, to ensure that the eight strict, eight guarantees, specification case management work. 1 p amp; amp; up to now, the college entry examination of arrest cases 69 82 people, the Nike Air Max Mens public prosecution cases, 181 228 people, self investigation cases of 15 and 17 against class letters 27 cases, to prevent such cases 39, civil and administrative cases 7, commissioned 17, the Nike Air Foamposite Women people’s supervision of the case, the attorney 7 to business department issued verbal and written process monitoring 69, involving property regulation 11,
Mens Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Black Deep Red reception defense attorney and agent ad litem 19 passengers, the case quality evaluation for 78, law enforcement investigators risk assessment and early warning, 109, litigation illegal clues management 29, covering all
Cheap Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale business lines. one, strict case acceptance review, to ensure the operation of the case and the transfer Nike Air Force Ones of for the admissibility of the case, the implementation of the five strict and five to ensure that the case management approach, focus on the protection of the work of the admissibility of the standard operation. Is a strict review deadline, to ensure the timely correction of extended case. This year, issued extended case to the investigation organs to correct the violation notice 3. As of March, the hospital in accepting the Yan Lin Duan drug trafficking prosecuted cases when, the review found the suspect Duan Yan Lin arrest time is February 8, and transfer the Air Jordan Shoes Mens case to the time for the March 17, cases of extended 10 days, then contact Department and contractors, the investigative organs early notice to correct the illegal, and got the investigation organ reply in a timely manner. Two is Blake Griffin Shoes a strict examination of the jurisdiction of the case, to ensure that the case is not the case of the jurisdiction of the court in a timely manner to Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice the competent authorities. In the case of the jurisdiction of the court is not the case, the investigation authorities issued a total of 4 copies of the notice shall not be accepted, and timely transferred to the procuratorial organs of jurisdiction. Three is a strict review of mandatory
Cheap Nike Free Trainer Canada Online Sale measures to ensure that the suspect on the record. The hospital continues to strengthen the compulsory measures for the suspect to review, through the review of mandatory measures, as well as the type of compulsory measures, time and duration, to determine whether the suspect is on the record, so as to save the time for the contractor to save time, improve work efficiency. four is a critical review of file materials, ensure the transfer of file specification. Strictly examine the legal
Cheap Air Jordan New Packing Shoes Canada Online Sale documents, the investigation organ to file copies, and with the transfer list is consistent, the legal documents have.

p Bo main by: Recently, students Zhou Hanjun and gold Zuofei I attend the Justice Network Organization Law blog grassroots activities, the is Huairou District Prosecutor’s office. Activity returned, they said very fruitful, next time to request! The following are the records of their day. visited the Huairou detention center 26 at 9 am when we drove to the Huairou detention center, under Nike Air Force Ones the guidance of the Yang inspection officer, we visited the detention center of the office of a dead space monitoring room, under the action of the staff through the big screen we have a preliminary understanding of the structure of the structure. Served under the leadership of Yang prosecutors
Cheap Air Jordan New Packing Shoes Canada Online Sale we came to the detention center custody Nike Air Foamposite Women area, before the door staff we introduced detention center B a door AB refers to the two door, belonging to the same Nike Air Max Mens room only in a set off another direction of the door can only be opened into a door staff asked all his belongings into the storage tank, in addition to Yang prosecutors also we de
Mens Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Grey Blacktailed explanation of the police and prison guards in the safety work of division of labor. Out of the B door officially came to the prison house, the staff first introduced to us in the prison house of the medical room, the daily medical equipment in the medical room. Then we came to the prison happen at this time in the suspect are leaked, the staff we introduced daily rec time and prison cottage the militarization
Cheap Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale of the management. From the post staff to introduce us to the trial chamber and the prison shed no dead angle monitoring equipment. We get on the car out of the detention center to Huairou procuratorate. visit the anticorruption warning education base p to procuratorate staff led us to is located in the 2nd floor of anticorruption initiate cheap warning education base and into the main exhibition room, not only to see the pictorial and alarm bells ringing of a threedimensional model of crime on the wall Air Jordan Shoes Mens display, Yang prosecutors for our detailed tells the story of many cases. illustrated
Cheap Nike Free Trainer Canada Online Sale in most cases are occurring in nearby counties, Yang prosecutors said the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice choice of these cases is in side in the side to know. Since then we have watched the legal representation of video this video is Huairou’s Procuratorate and Huairou TV co founded, a week, the film is the staff of the hospital, so that people understand, know, learn the legal system. After the leadership of the prosecutor in the four floor, we came to the Blake Griffin Shoes conference room held a forum for anticorruption. procuratorate Forum p 11:00 to, blog a pedestrian to Huairou District procuratorate to the meeting hall, by the deputy district attorney long headed by the leaders and cadres first we introduced their

legal blog friends, everybody is good! legal justice network blog blog grassroots procuratorate activities and meet everyone. The grassroots level will lead you into the Pingdingshan Yexian County Henan people’s Procuratorate, the advanced work experience, experience the charm of culture and education. p amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; Ye County is located in the southwest of Henan Province in central, is located in the Huang Huai plain and Funiushan mountains with the Department, is one of the top ten Nike Air Max Mens ancient city of Henan Province, known as rock salt in China are the laudatory name. Yexian County beautiful scenery, unique charm. Ru River, Shahe, ash River, Zhanhe, Lihe River, Gan River six rivers and had to wear Habitat, 31 size reservoirs dotted, Funiu Mountains, the Tongbai Shan add radiance and beauty to each other, amah Rock Hill, west of Tangshan, Cypress Mountain natural landscape fascinating. Yexian County has a long history and culture. The
Mens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Black Light Green territory has a number of historical sites, 30; many historical and cultural celebrities. This left a widely famed immortal stories and enduring fragrance beautiful poems.
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale p amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; Ye County People’s Procuratorate recovery reconstruction in June 1979, September 2006 relocated to the new site of the eastern part of the county road, the eastern section of the new culture. Existing policemen administrative preparation number 73. The cause of the preparation of the number of 27 people, set up 18 departments, which are: office, political, anti corruption Bureau, anti ditch Bureau, reconnaissance division, public prosecution department, branch prison, civil and administrative department, control Tymoshenko, science and technology, prevention department, and the brigade of bailiffs, discipline inspection and supervision department, finance division, propaganda department, project management center, inspection department and old cadres, etc., this assignment in three attorney office. p amp; nbsp
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Canada Online Sale amp; amp; amp; amp; in recent years, Ye County People’s Procuratorate, give full play to the functions of the procuratorial, adhere to the strengthening legal supervision Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice and maintain fairness and justice theme of procuratorial Air Jordan Shoes Mens work, to further promote the to resolve social conflicts, social management innovation,
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men Canada Online Sale fair and honest law enforcement three priorities, established the strong team, grasping force, pro business, tree image the work of thinking, innovation management mechanism and working method. Has been named the Nike Air Foamposite Women provincial civilized units, the provincial landscape unit, the advanced Procuratorate of the city, more than 60 items of work by provincial, municipal recognition. , ,, , , , , , ; activity time: 2013 July Nike Air Force Ones 4th Thursday activity time was one day Blake Griffin Shoes ;

Huang Haibo whoring events become a hotspot recently. Why does Huang Haibo lead people to pay attention, this is a problem that is worth to be calm thinking. Huang Haibo, and Huang Haibo constitute a joint illegal, onlookers of Internet users, as well as seen or heard of the TV series starring Huang Haibo will have
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale a variety of effects on the incident itself. And these effects can Nike Air Max Mens also be the object of some kind of research. Of course, as a legal person, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice I want to be as far as possible in the range of the law can make a brief discussion of these issues. China’s legal does not allow the evaluation of legitimacy of prostitution, at least in the legal practice is beyond doubt. But even so, from the point of view of the practice of China’s law enforcement, public security organs to participate in both men and women to prostitution name, appearance and family status of individual basically take not open to the public. In other words, the public security organs in the punishment of male and female prostitution, are generally not open their personal circumstances to soc
Mens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Deep Blue Blackiety. So, why would Huang Haibo be an exception? It is not difficult to find, this process, both public Huang Haibo, but also open Nike Air Force Ones the other one to Huang Haibo prostitution of women’s positive photos. In spite of the fact that from Air Jordan Shoes Mens the existing facts, it can not come to the conclusion that the Department of public security organs take the initiative to open. However, the network and other media for the above incidents are not reserved for the public is in
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Canada Online Sale compliance with the provisions of the law, in my opinion, there are doubts. According to our country Public Security Penalty Law Article 66 of the regulations, prostitution, whoring, less than 10 days but not more than 15 days detention for can impose a fine of not more than 5000 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, the following five days detention or a fine of 500 yuan. Obviously, in accordance with the provisions of the law, Huang Haibo and women in prostitution, as a natural person, in the prostitution whoring the maximum loss should Nike Air Foamposite Women is 15 days detention and 5000 yuan fine. However, the fact is that Huang Haibo and the woman apparently
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men Canada Online Sale assumed the additional loss of public security law. But the further questioning is that these additional losses comply with the provisions of the law? as a large number of people playing a good man, Huang Haibo in Blake Griffin Shoes the public image has been finalized. In other words, the event is bound to destroy the positive image of the TV series. The question is whether this loss can be evaluated as a result of Huang Haibo’s own fault. In my opinion, this is a question worth discussing. My point is that Huang Haibo and the women who have suffered a loss of this should not have suffered. but a possible counter is that Huang Haibo is a public figure, his position as a public figure is known, since he knows that he is a public figure.

The concept model of mobile phone application store is derived from the mobile valueadded service platform for telecom operators. On this basis, the third party application service platform providers, terminal manufacturers, operating system providers and telecom operators, according to their respective business system and resource Nike Air Force Ones advantages continue to evolve and develop mobile phone application store business form. The definition and characteristics of mobile phone application store is a platform for mobile application software. The platform provides free or paid mobile phone application software to browse and download services, while providing the development tools and product distribution channels for the application software developers. All published applications have access to the content of the publication institution or individual, the user can purchase the relevant application in a specific way. Features a: around the mobile phone application release and consumption to provide specific services, clear business scope features two: has a complete platform technology architecture, with technical service delivery capabilities three: all published applications require content license, effective protection of intellectual property features four: has a complete payment settlement system to achieve industrial chain and winwin China mobile app store industry chain, mobile app store gradual
Mens WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Grey Deep Bluely developed Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice into a comprehensive industrial ecosystem. The system involved in Nike Air Max Mens the main body, including application developers, application store service providers, users, advertisers, etc As a result, it has a relatively mature community, a stable application display management system, user authentication and information management system and payment settlement system. Part of the mobile phone application store also provides mobile advertising platform for advertisers to provide services. China Mobile
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Canada Online Sale App Store profit model is currently the mainstream mobile Nike Air Foamposite Women app store’s profit model focused on a onetime fee to download and free download the embedded ad two ways. In the Chinese market, users are accustomed to free download software and content, while the traditional mobile valueadded services for telecom operators to buy a small amount of acceptance, so the Air Jordan Shoes Mens first experience
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Men Canada Online Sale after the payment of fees, and the payment of the payment method with the payment of SMS or telephone bill, the future will become an important means of profit. Advertising profit model in the amount of users and application advertising platform is still under development, is still the main means to promote the application and establish a brand. Mobile App Store developers classification, the analysis of the mobile phone application store developers can be applied to the development of the purpose and the development of the main criteria for the classification of categories. According to different application development purposes, developers can be divided into service content development, brand development and independent application developers. According to the
Cheap WMNS Nike Free 5.0 Women Canada Online Sale different development of the main body of the enterprise developers Blake Griffin Shoes and individual developers. In this study, the enterprise individual developers for statistical caliber. China’s mobile phone app store user size in 2009 is China’s mobile phone market in the beginning of the year, the size of its active users is 2400000. Due to the three major telecom operators have entered the market, Store OVI and other open China area page, as well as Android, iOS and other smart phones in the fast circulation of non official channels, 2010 China’s mobile phone application store market usher in rapid growth, live

The back of the Red Detachment of women 20140523 introduction classified in comment 2 published the full text on May 15, 2014 Nike Flex Experience RN the blog world issue 160 reported. This print journalist Bu Changjiong due to Alzheimer’s disease, Lu Yexiang later fell a piece of chaos,
Cheap Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Men UK Online Sale the only TV occasionally heard the sound of guns will let her come a Jiling wake up, but more often, she just at home to sleep on the sofa in the living room, or move to sit Nike Air Max Women a chair under the eaves, the eyes looked blankly at the
Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Shoes Men UK Online Sale into the distance. Lu Yexiang is 100 years old this year. Her son Weng Zuoxiong said two years ago, the mother can go standard helped his family march. When she put up her arm, the left hand of the middle finger is particularly evident, that is 70 years ago, the blood of the battlefield left her cruel. April 1. To view the full text amp; amp; early heart not to return to 20140522 introduction classified in comments 0 magazine freelance writer Lu Juan Zhang Yimou and the suffering of the time pass, failed to go beyond the depth in the live had arrived. He gav
Mens Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Black Yellowe up the liquidation of history under the conservative narrative strategy. In the history of Chinese film might never find a filmmakers, like Zhang Yimou is highly symbolic: the fifth generation of director brought military figures, big director, the purohita. Since 2004 the inverted movement, critical Zhang Yimou into the politically correct thing to do, however tightly freely punish pen cutting is a huge
Cheap Kobe Bryant 7 Shoes Men UK Online Sale box office profits, might as well as, the audience that used to take a Chinese primitive, wild temperament of the Lao Mouzi, always have some expectation of. Therefore, as Zhang Zhang, Zhang. View full text amp; amp; think tank in North China’s reform and 20140514 introduction classified in the comments 0 this paper published in May 2014 for 5, the blog world, No. 159 period. This print journalist Gao Shimeng? This print freelance writer Xie Ruying economist Lin Yifu 4 months late often appear in the office of the Beijing University of, he almost every day to stay there until 2:00, special entrance guard to his left side door, for easy access. His office is located in the north of the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men northeast corner of the park, adjacent to Weiminghu lake. The Qing Nike Free Run 3 Dynasty Jiaqing years, here is the Qing Prince Siki permanent, Spring Garden, during the reign of emperor Xianfeng and give gongqinwang Wilson, get Langrun garden, a. Langrunyuan seems destined to be the witness Lebron James Shoes of China reform. It was the Master Yi is the principal leaders of the Westernization Movement. View full text amp; amp; film of the table you: love and youth not to live up to 20140514 17:10:25 classified in comment 3 this article appeared on May 15, 2014 the blog world issue 160. This print freelance road cuckoo nowadays vulgar abuse of literary cavity, good love let you in this relationship become the best of yourself, and the original and his her meet harbor gratitude. Good love, regardless of osteoclasts romantic life and death sin love, love as Nike Max 90 Current Moire the common daily religious, respected status not shake

from on the legend of the Cowherd and the girl weaver, the by the poor scholar series to comfort poor boy’s Glow in the Dark Jordan Men story is a generations of another generation of lips, become China’s Valentine’s Day, businessmen after speculation over the Ocean Festival, has begun to take this holiday the, because this festival, bridge, party, love and other symbols is easy to consumer groups, the main people’s identity. p and all culture, like the concept, constitutes a this concept is composed of many can visualize material symbols, Tanabata legend, barricaded the magpie bridge; made of old leather flight jacket; cowboy lug baskets of sons and daughters; Nike Max 90 Current Moire Weaver’s golden shuttle, these things did not exceed the myth of the life of the soil, they in the mundane life are prototype and provenance. p except it is the day of love, but also Chinese traditional jobhunting the daughters Festival, also called daughter Festival, because in
Cheap Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Men UK Online Sale the traditional Chinese culture, to the woman’s hand artful requirement is very high, therefore, the girls in Nike Flex Experience RN this day, always looking for in their eyes is the most skilful Weaver beg for some skilled skill, so this festival also called Qi Qiao Festival. Qiqiao is also
Mens Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Black Yellowmaterialized. Different places, and the way Qiqiao items are different. In most areas, Qiqiao are inseparable from the needle. This is probably because of the agrarian age woman Qiao mostly and knitting related. Therefore, on this day,
Cheap Kobe Bryant 7 Shoes Men UK Online Sale girls always in Sheung Shui Sheng needles drift into the water. With the needle in the shadow in the water and the girls pose discrimination. in the Jiaodong region, there are still seven sisters in the tradition of Chinese and Chinese knot, needle and line of nature is the protagonist of their gathering. They gathered around the needle and thread and sing: Emperor Huang, Huang Huang, I invited Lebron James Shoes Weaver under heaven, not your needle, not your line, optical your 72 good means. They care about the craft of needlework, remarkable. p in Rongcheng, Shandong Province, before the Tanabata popular to do Qiao dishes, the girls in the glass culture malt, judge a clever clumsy in Nike Free Run 3 length. In addition, they will be doing that day that is clever to make all kinds of flowers with flour pasta. p in some areas of Guangxi, seventh night of the seventh lunar month is the most important material is water, the local folk think double seven water misfortunes except disease, therefore, to with jar sealed an altar to prepare for. of course, for the people who are good at using the sense of taste to judge the life of the people, in the July 7th, eating is certainly not the absence of. On this day, a lot of attention people will take the girls to do clever food, although only common dumplings, noodles, avocado or wonton. But do not underestimate it, it is very likely that the elders of a test. And on this day, the folk pastry shop will not be idle, they will do a weaver image of Halva, commonly known as the clever people, Chausson, to send people please export recovery. p all this, for the life Nike Air Max Women of people more and more
Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Shoes Men UK Online Sale real and gradually gone, this cannot be don’t let people have a feeling disappointed.

Who is the bottom of the country 10:01:31 20150819 classification in the bottom of the 2 rural children’s daily life is what kind of? Nike Flex Experience RN Recently, a report entitled the daily struggle of the country’s underlying children has been reported. The complex model of this group has been described. The rural youth, living in the most remote rural areas of China’s western agricultural county. These young, look down on rural teachers, and the knowledge authority struggle, in the play sway youth; Nike Air Max Women form a band of brothers, with high school students struggle, from being bullied to bully others, in an almost show the way, and the secular protest, in daily emotional Nike Max 90 Current Moire clip joints in looking into the depths of the sense of belonging. Fighting, smoking, puppy love, trouble, failure This is countryside. To view the full text amp; amp; take reality show Limited Feng Cun is power wayward 20150813 introduction classified in comment 1? Recently, Suining County of Hunan Province government issued a guarantee entertainment normal shooting notice, in the local triggered heated debate. Notice, in order to show this normal shooting, local not only introduced a series of limit line, Feng Cun measures, also do not listen to discourage
Mens Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Black Yellowpossible made solemn warning. August 12, the Southern Metropolis Daily, just look at the wording of the announcement, many people will feel angry, the reason is very simple, is public power talk, to start, to give people the feeling is no culture, really terrible, many simply cannot free day. May wish to look at these Provisions, the prohibition of vehicles, all vehicles traveling on a detour, the offender shall be. To see full text amp; amp; the middle of child study actually very rational 20150812 introduction classified Glow in the Dark Jordan Men in comments 1 I now work every day are pretty fight. Sometimes friends will ask me, Lebron James Shoes are short of food and clothing, so seriously, to earn so much money why ah? My answer is only one, that is, in order to save enough money, the future can send her daughter to study abroad.
Cheap Kobe Bryant 7 Shoes Men UK Online Sale It’s a little dream. It can be said, this is now the general pursuit of middle class families. In fact, many of my friends have sent their children abroad to study. Here would like to emphasize that, do not think that they are how much money, and many of my workingclass, even desperately work, a lifetime can not send much money. Many people send their children to study abroad, they are grilled skin. Nike Free Run 3 Like I, female. View full text amp; amp; behind the sudden disaster: middle fragile many people will never understand 20150716 12:35:29 classified raged in comment 3 days before the stock market crash, a group of expression is most sad, that is middle class. Can accurately calculate how many middleclass family wealth in the stock market crash in the ashes, however, crash gave me the greatest
Cheap Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Men UK Online Sale feeling is
Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Shoes Men UK Online Sale truly test middle fragility. In this regard, I just can wring out many vivid, even bloody example. However, by the connection

strong: strong with MoBa games and other types of games gradually hot, gaming industry specialization and professionalization of smooth development, and derived from the entertainment products is no shortage of opportunities.Href= p 2015 is the rapid development of the gaming industry in China a year, both the League of legends S5 held the expected size, or the dota2 ti5 jackpots, adumbrative gaming will this year be a breakout year. In this background, China gaming ushered in a wave of greater opportunities and challenges. Seven and won the LIAN gaming investment of 60000000 yuan A round of investment in February 2015. With the MoBa games and other types of games gradually hot, gaming industry specialization and professionalization of smooth development, and derived from the entertainment products is no shortage of opportunities. The gaming industry is the rapid development of p according to the latest statistics, this year the gaming industry’s bonus pool accumulated has reached 30 million US dollars, which especially in MoBa
Mens Nike Free 4.0 V3 Navy Blue Orange Whiteoccupies the largest proportion. Gaming attention gradually increased to 2015, Chinese have electronic athletics 98000000 user attention. The benefit of the gaming industry also in huge ascension, is expected by the end of 2015 gaming industry total output value will reach 269 billion yuan, in 2018 will likely reach 500 billion yuan of output value. seven and to promote the healthy development of electronic sports p Shanghai seven Huang Information Technology Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as: seven Huang, established in May 2013, is a to optimize the gaming industry structure, promote the gaming the pluralistic development of culture for the mission of the new company. The company’s existing staff of more than 100 people, to create a centralized service in the electronic athletics program promotion and gaming star. Seven, to promote the healthy development of Chinese esports industry by providing the best quality service. Companies from the content provided to proceed, provide a good game show, health promotion of positive gaming concept, the company will gaming contest held in quality, rich content, to strengthen brand building, gaming theme movie shooting, focus on gaming star of build and promote the diversified development of the gaming industry. The tournament site All seats are occupied. seven and the business development cannot do without gaming environment to create a recreational and professional. In 2015 seven, and is committed to become the industry’s largest gaming content providers and event providers. The implementation of more and more high quality gaming program content, more largescale highquality game hosted, with the two core business and the original existing OGN live events, three road and, trying to become a gaming industry’s largest content providers. five

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The new year has just passed, the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival has become the focus of public opinion. Since the 2010 CCTV Spring Festival evening show was exposed to a large number of product placement, the media and the public for CCTV indeed is the vocal opposition, this is the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival director group has repeatedly promised: 2011 CCTV Spring Festival evening show will not have product placement! However, twitter a CCTV rabbit in Spring Festival Gala soft advertising details of a single, let people unavoidably have such doubt: CCTV Spring Festival evening show product placement seems to be gamed. br the reason that the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala product placement is tricky, because in the face of media and microblogging exposure of spring soft advertising details of a single, CCTV and no clear statement said no, but said the investigation. If the CCTV Spring Festival Gala is really no implant advertising, CCTV will certain
Mens Nike Free 4.0 V3 With Black Red Whitely be a firm denial of attitude. CCTV’s ambiguous attitude to Product placement, dubious. standing in a general audience’s point of view, the media exposure of the list is this Spring Festival Gala soft advertising. If it is not the media exposure, I also believe that the Spring Festival evening show no implant. Of course, such as Robin Li’s personal lens display 2 seconds of practice, it seems to be a return to Baidu’s search support for cctv. In the 8 Spring Festival Gala soft advertising in the media broke the news, the real suspect, should be Xidan girl singing. according to some friends broke the news, Xidan girl is a grand game is cooperation. Years ago, the grand game of the star change website launched the practitioner program in the new year’s day has become a big poster Xidan girl. So many coincidence, confirms the fact that the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival evening there is an implantable advertising. br although grand and CCTV are not of Xidan girl singing with placement of one thing clear statement, both sides so ambiguous attitude, more let a person suspect, 2011 CCTV Spring Festival evening implantable advertising is tricky, there are unspoken rules. Integrated many aspects of the news, the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival evening has an implantable advertising is a fact, confirmation is only a matter of time.

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